July 26, 2010

Best Hawaii Coffee

Hawaii is known by its beautiful resorts, beaches, the many islands that offer the most amazing flora and fauna, natural resources, several microclimates, perfect climate and weather, and amazing vacations. However, Hawaii has one of the best exotic coffees there is - the Kona Coffee. 

Kona Coffee

This exotic coffee is locally grown and harvested, using special methods that the farmers know best. It is a long process, which delivers the best results. It is considered a gourmet coffee, expensive in price, but according to locals, worth every penny. Kona coffee is only imported from Hawaii; you cannot find it anywhere else. It is a popular and desirable drink in Hawaii, and the method of processing it makes the difference in taste. 

The local farmers grow the bean, and select the best beans to harvest, handpicking them. It is inspected by a wet method, and then it is dried to produce it. Sometimes it is sun dried, others machine dried, depending on the weather. After drying, it goes thru the milling process, stored and roasted. All this process is by hand, with much care to preserve authenticity in flavor. The authentic flavor is kept and only the best quality coffee is made. Many mills offer tours to see how the product is made. It is one of the most expensive coffees that you can purchase. 

Many outside companies buy this coffee to resell it. Other companies put in their product a label that reads Kona blend, but it only contains 10% or less of the beans, therefore, fooling the consumer. It is best to buy from reputable suppliers that will use 100% Kona beans in their product to get the real Kona coffee experience. The Kona coffee is grown near the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa (on the Kona districts -south and north). There are also many variations of this coffee. The Kona Peaberry Coffee is a favorite of many locals and tourists for its rich and delicious flavor. The most popular besides the Peaberry are Fancy, Extra Fancy, and Select and Prime. 

You can order 100% Kona coffee online from plantations in Hawaii. Prices will vary and you can pay as much as $30.00 for a pound of Kona coffee. There are other companies that will sell it to you, but they also buy from Hawaii. Some of these companies are Maui Coffee Company, Keopu, BocaJava, Kona Shark's Coffee, and Coffee Times. The most important aspect is that you obtain the Kona coffee from a reputable company and that you get 100% Kona beans to experience the authentic product. 

Kona coffee is considered the best coffee in Hawaii and around the world. In part because the care and careful methods to produce it, a heritage that will continue for many generations.

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