Oct. 21, 2010

How ready are you to buy a House in Hawaii

It is a very common occurrence during Hawaii property sale and purchase that the process proceeds at a snail pace just because the buyer isn’t committed enough to the decision of purchasing the property. But hey, there is reason not to be, some individuals are lucky enough to make a lucrative deal and others aren’t as lucky, ending up losing time and money in the process, in addition to being frustrated with monthly mortgage payments. As such, you ought to ensure that buying the house is really what you want… this you do by asking yourself and truthfully answering the below-mentioned questions before taking any leap of faith.


-       How good, or bad thereof, is your credit history? A good credit history takes lots of discipline and hard work when it comes to your financial decisions. Needless to mention, a hood credit history will increase your odds of getting approved on the mortgage loan.

-       Do you have ready cash with you? Perhaps you are relying on liquidating some assets or selling something of high market value. You should ensure that when you need cash, it is readily available for your use.

-       Are you in a position to afford the house? While money isn’t everything, it certainly is a huge factor when it comes to not only real estate investment but every other form of investment today. You ought to be sure that you can be able to pay for the property and be left with enough money for out-of-pocket costs and day-to-day living expenses.

-       Are you familiar with the process of purchasing a property? Before you buy a house, you should have some basic idea of the steps involved and what goes into each individual step. You ought to also know legal implications.

-       How responsible are you to take care of a property? Be advised that when you have your own property, you are your own landlord, taking care of the repairs, cleaning it, redecorations and any renovations required. As you reap the benefits of being your own landlord, it comes with some level of responsibilities that you must learn.

-       Have you sampled the type of house that you want? The market is flooding with different types of houses – from single detached houses to semi-detached to condominiums. Ensure you clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of houses.

How good, or bad thereof, is your credit score? A good credit score widens the scope of qualifying for several mortgage loan plans. You should also remember that there are some loans that only individuals with high credit scores can qualify for. 

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