July 17, 2011

Making the Move to Diamond Head

If you are thinking about retiring in Hawaii, or you are relocating for a job in Hawaii, Diamond Head is a wonderful choice to choose. The homes that you find in Diamond Head are located against the volcanic crater, but that does not make people not want to live here. One of the reasons that people want to relocate to Diamond Head is because it is centrally located near any place someone would  want to visit. It is near the cities of Honolulu, Kahala, and Waikiki.

Before you choose Diamond Head as the city to relocate to because you would like to be centrally located and live around a volcanic crater, you should know that real estate prices here start around eight hundred thousand dollars just for the bare minimum. The reason that the prices are so high is that the houses are highly sought after. Houses can be as pricey as two point five million dollars.

For a single family home with two baths and three or four bedrooms you can plan on paying around two and a half million dollars. The upside is that most of these homes do have a backyard pool. If you can afford the real estate there are plenty of houses and condominiums to choose from. If you cannot afford to buy, then you can always choose to rent an apartment or condominium.

You should give yourself at least six months if possible before making the move so you will have time to visit Hawaii and find the real estate you want to purchase or rent. Since the competition is so strong, if you cannot stay there to search for the real estate you want to purchase, then you should find a real estate agent in the area.

 Before you move, you should consider selling the things that you can live without to help save on the expense of moving to Diamond Head. This would especially mean any furniture that you can live without or does not have any type of sentimental value plus anything else you can sell. When you get to your new home you can buy the furniture that you need plus anything else. There are shipping companies that will relocate all your items for you, but they can be quite expensive.

Living in Diamond Head will put you within walking distance of many attractions such as the Honolulu Zoo, the aquarium, and of course, the many beautiful sandy beaches. Moving to Diamond Head you are only a few miles from Honolulu so there are many job opportunities available.

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