Oct. 15, 2010

Oahu Real Estate Market

Looking to buy a house during these economic times has never been more frightening, but it has also never been a more perfect time to buy. People believe that the Real Estate Market crash may have dashed all hope from ever buying a home, but after doing the proper research, home buyers will realize how ripe the market really is to act on buying a home. With literally hundreds of homes in foreclosure right now, banks and home owners are desperate to sell. If the Real Estate Market has taught a person anything, it has taught them to make sure they do things the right way this time. Staying realistic as to what a person can actually afford for a home and monthly payments is crucial. A person really has to do their homework when buying a new home. They need to make sure that they understand what is involved with buying a home, and they need to understand the terminology before signing on the dotted line. 


Back before the market crashed, the Oahu real estate market was booming. What people didn't realize is that they had boarded a sinking ship. Much like the Titanic, it was inevitable that they would sink. If more people had understood what the terms adjustable rate mortgage meant, they may have boarded a different ship. Even people that did understand the terms adjustable rate mortgage, still believed that they could get out of the deal before their mortgage reset, but time has a way of catching up to a person. This mainly has to do with unrealistic expectations. A person naturally believes that the future can hold a countless number of different opportunities that would allow them to change the past, but when a person is working the same job every day at the same amount of pay, they find that they are standing on an escalator that has stuck in place. Once their mortgages reset, their monthly payment sky rocketed, and they realized that they no longer could afford that dream home. What once was the start of a new future, now turned into a daunting burden. 


Homes are now selling for cheaper prices than they ever have before, and the monthly payments are much lower, so this has created a window of opportunity for people who could have never afforded to buy before. Banks and home owners who are selling their homes are creating new and better ways to protect themselves and the new buyers of these homes.

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