Oct. 28, 2010

Types of inspections for your Hawaii real estate

When you're having a home inspected in Hawaii there are many different types of things that the building inspector will look for to make sure the home is safe for people to live in.  There are many things that they have to take under consideration while they are doing their inspection so that they can verify everything is in working order in the home.  This not only protects a home owner but it also protects the potential buyer because then they know that the house has been inspected and is ready to be lived in.  Here are just a few of the things that a home inspector will look for when they are looking over the house before is sold.

If building inspector will look over the electrical wiring of the house to make sure that there's no shorts or any potential fire hazards with the electrical wires.  It will also make sure that the building is wired up to code so that the potential home buyers will not have to spend additional money in order to get it where it needs to be.  They will take a look at the fuse box and all of the electrical outlets to make sure that they are not broken and they have a breaker if they need one.  Kitchen sink outlets and bathrooms made a special kind of outlet because they're by water.

Another thing that a building inspector will look for is to see if there's any leaks in the water lines and sewer lines.  Any water drips will usually indicate that the wood underneath might even be rotting and therefore is unsafe and has to be replaced.  This is only a small thing that they have to worry about when they are inspecting the home.

Another thing that these building inspectors will look at is the foundation of the home is sitting on.  Any cracks in the foundation or any structural damage that might seen and could cause the house to collapse.  They want to make sure that the home is safe to live in and will be there for some time.  All these things will make the building inspector a little cautious about passing the house.

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