Oct. 15, 2010

Why Honolulu Real Estate is the Best Option

Do you want to take a rest and go to an island where you can have a less stressful life?  Do you want to elope from the typical city life and be in a place that is closer to nature and is rather a perfect place for business?  If this is the kind of life that you want, then maybe Honolulu is what you’ve been looking for. 


Honolulu is one of the cities of Hawaii that is considered the home of more than 370,000 people.  It is also where you’ll find the Waikiki Beach, which is one of the best, if not the best, beaches ever known to men. 


Honolulu is very rich in culture, although it is composed of people of different races and nationalities.  It is an ideal place to live in since its crime rate is at a minimum, its schools are of high standards, its transportation facilities are superb, and it has a bunch of real estate properties.  Aside from these amazing qualities of Honolulu, it also has a lot of attractions, such as the Honolulu Zoo, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Kapiolani State Park, and, of course, the Waikiki Beach. 


As of January of 2010, the single-family homes in Oahu have a median price of $597,500, which increased by 10.8% as compared to 2009.  As for the median price of condominiums, it is at $299,000, but this went down by 2% versus 2009.  However, this is not a cause of alarm because, at least, the values of the properties are still controllable and, for some, they are actually even rising.  


If you invest a property in Honolulu, expect that this is far different from the properties being offered in other U.S. states.  The properties are so in touch with nature, which many people need nowadays to get rid of stress.  This is one place that you can really be proud of.


Even though real estate is currently at a low in the Mainland U.S., Hawaii seems to be unaffected.  The real estate industry in this state remains stable and is actually improving year after year.  


You have several options when it comes to properties that can be acquired in Hawaii.  You can have a home or a condo that offers picturesque views, or you may opt to stay in a ranch or even in one of the attractive homes along the streets surrounded by palm trees.  These options can be seen mostly in Honolulu that sits in Oahu Island. 


It’s wrong to say that Hawaii was not affected by the crisis felt by the real estate industry in the U.S.  It actually was, but not that seriously.  To tell you honestly, there were also homes that also foreclosed, similar to other countries.  However, in Hawaii, it is different as you can invest in a property that offers good business opportunities. 


Hawaii is known to be the Island of Dreams and it still will be. 

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