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Snorkeling and Kayaking in Kane’ohe Bay

Kane’ohe Bay is one of the best kayaking sites in Kailua. The bay is the home to the only barrier reef that exist in Oahu. If you want to explore the islets in Oahu, you can rent a kayak and go there. The water in Kane’ohe Bay is protected so it is safe to go snorkeling there. People with all types of snorkeling skill levels can go snorkeling at the bay. There are a few islands you can explore through kayaking such as Chinaman Hat and Coconut Island. Besides, you can also access the nearby islets including Ahu o Laka, Kekepa, and Kapapa.

One of the main attractions on Kane’ohe Bay is the Sunken Island. The Sunken Island can be seen during low tide. During high tide, you won’t be able to see the Sunken Island as the water covers it. The Sunken Island is actually sandbar. Many people nickname the Sunken Island sandbar as the Atlantis of Hawaii. Before visiting the Sunken Island, you should check the tidal prediction. In this way, you will know the best time to visit the place.

If you need a kayak to explore the Kane’ohe Bay, you have to go to the kayak rental shop in Kailua. This is because there is no kayak rental store in Kailua. It is recommended that you rent the kayak for the whole day if you want to explore the Kane’ohe Bay. You can also participate in kayaking trip.

If you are not experienced in kayaking, joining a kayaking trip will suit you. There will be certified staffs providing instructions to you. The average length of time of the kayaking trip is about 1 – 2 hours. The kayaking trip will bring you to several nearby islands including Coconut Island and Chinaman Hat. The Coconut Island is where the filming of the show called Gilligan’s Island was filmed. During the trip, you will get to snorkel at a number of patch reefs. Some of the marine animals that you can observe when snorkeling include sea turtles, rays and etc. The guide will attempt to describe the cultural sites in the location. If you plan to go snorkeling in the area, you can bring along several equipments including waterproof camera, swimwear and etc. You should only go swimming at the Kane’ohe Bay when the weather is good. If it is raining, you should stay away from the bay, as it can be dangerous. You can bring sunblock and drinking when visiting the bay in the summer.