Kaneohe is located in the Koolaupoko district in Honolulu, Hawaii. There is an interesting story behind Kaneohe. Kaneohe refers to bamboo man in the Hawaiian language. It is called bamboo man because of a woman who makes comparison of the cruelty of her husband with the sharp edge of the bamboo. It has a population of more than 34,000. Kaneohe has many residential communities. Some of the residential communities in Kaneohe are the largest in Oahu. Kaneohe is occupied with residents of different races including Asian, Whites and Black. The median household income is $66,000 in Kaneohe.

Since a long time ago, Kaneohe has been an important agriculture town. The most important crop in Kaneohe is the banana crop. If you happen to visit Kaneohe, you can stop by at one of the tourist attractions are Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden and Marine Corp Base Hawaii. There are 3 golf courses in Kaneohe town. Of the three golf courses, two golf courses including Pali Golf Course and Koolau Golf Club are open for visitation by the public. A private owns Bayview Golf Park Corporation but it is also open to the public. There are many elementary schools in Kaneohe including Benjamin Parker and Kapunahala and etc schools.

Kaneohe is nearby to other residential communities such as Kailua. Kailua is about 12 km from Kaneohe. The commercial center is located on the highway. There are many restaurants in Kaneohe. The Windward Mall is the main shopping complex in Kaneohe. While in Kaneohe, you can visit several tourist attraction places such as Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden covers an area of about 400 acres. It offers exhibitions on all kinds of tropical plants including Philippines, Polynesia, Sri Lanka and other Polynesian islands. There is a 32-acre lake in the botanical garden. There are several walking trails, which tourists can follow to explore the area. There are a few campgrounds, which tourists can visit to carry out camping activities.

You can visit the Kaneohe Bay if you want to hang out on the beach. There are a number of sandbars in Kaneohe. The sandbars will appear when the ocean is in low tide. You can carry out all kinds of activities such as barbecue, ball games, swimming, snorkeling, and boating in Kaneohe Bay. Kaneohe Bay is well known as the breeding ground for hammerhead sharks.