Although Diamond Head is famous for being an inactive volcano, there are many other attractions that are within walking distance. If you are planning on moving to this area just remember that there are many other attractions to visit in addition to Diamond Head. One such attraction is the big Kapiolani Park that is located just across the street from the condominiums and hotels at the end of Waikiki. This park is the home of an outdoor theater and many festivals. At this park you will find the Honolulu Zoo, softball and baseball diamonds, tennis courts, beaches with lifeguards, and much more. It is a park designed for families.

A great family attraction is the Waikiki Aquarium which was founded in 1904. In the aquarium you will find more than four hundred and fifty different species of aquatic plants and animals. You can also see a live monk seal exhibit plus a big collection of living coral.

Of course there are all the fantastic beaches such as the San Souci Beach, the Colony Surf Beach, and the Waikiki Beach. After seeing all the aquatic animals and live coral, you can visit the Honolulu Zoo.

At the Honolulu Zoo they have a wonderful children's zoo complete with a cow, donkey, hedgehog, llama, pot bellied pig, sheep, turkey and a red-footed tortoise. The zoo also has many educational programs including a week-long day camp where the children can learn how to take care of zoo animals and get behind the scenes encounters. You can even schedule your child's birthday party there. For a new experience you can spend the night in the zoo sleeping under the stars or pitch a tent on one of the lawns. You will have dinner and a guided tour of the zoo after it is dark.

You can also visit the lighthouse that was built in 1899 at Diamond Head, which is fifty five feet high and is approximately one hundred fifty feet above the level of the sea. You can see the lighthouse for up to eighteen miles. It was first lit in 1918 and the light is still operational.

The restaurants that are found in the Diamond Head area are expensive and high quality so if you want to have a family meal out then you can take a fifteen minute walk to Waikiki. As you can see there are many attractions for you to visit that offer lots for families to do. Living in Diamond Head you can walk to many of these attractions.