When planning to remodel or rebuild a bathroom is important to carry out all your plans carefully to ensure the fittings and everything in the bathroom you need. What are the things need to have in any bathroom?

No bathroom would be complete without the minimum toilet size and equipments. The toilets could be different sizes for different people but you have take in the consideration your best available size so that you can put the minimum required equipments.

A basin is a must for any bathroom, since it is important for people to wash their hands as soon as you finish in the toilet. Have a basin in your bathroom minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in your home.

In most bathroom have large size bathtub, this may take a lot of space in a bathroom if the bathroom have enough space but if you have small size bathroom then you can get the bathtub a bit smaller than the standard size.

The shower equipments are now one of the main elements of bathroom. It has increased in popularity over the past 20 years. Today it is difficult to find a bathroom without a shower. The choice that has opened for you is whether to go with a separate shower cubicle if bathroom size is small, other than this you would have options for a shower in the bathroom to save space.

As long as you plan to have these fixtures and fittings in the bathroom should have everything to complete the plan.

Before attempting any remodel work you are expected to take several weeks or even a month to make work properly. By doing proper planning you could save a lot of money, a fair bit of time and also avoid the disasters that could occur quite easily. Although most people take plan of remodeling but at the end of renovation the bathroom they found lots of problems.

Bathroom equipments are the finishing touch to any bathroom remodeling job so it's important to get the correct placement of these items, the following tips will help you do the job properly.


Always place the holder of toilet paper within reach of toilet and when friends or relatives do not want to do to reach any round uncomfortable every time they need a piece of toilet paper.

Try to place the bath towel as near as possible, but not so close that the towels are wet if anyone splashing in the bath or shower. Have a towel handy in the bathroom when you have finished bathing is always a good idea.

Place the toothbrush holder near the basin. When people clean their teeth similar to rinse and spit and the basin is the most hygienic place to do this.


Place a hand towel rail near the basin as well as when people have washed their hands is a good idea to dry their hands immediately instead of having to walk to the main towel to dry your hands.

If you follow these tips for bathroom renovation, you will feel much more comfortable for your daily life.