Rental Benefits

For those that are looking for one of the most luxurious neighborhoods that can be found in all of Oahu, then they are going to want to look at Hawaii Kai. Homes in the area are those that are worth millions of dollars, and this is the norm for all the homes in the area. Within the area, the person will find the marina which has tons of eating places to partake on that offer great views, while there are also many shops that are going to fit the need for any person that wants to shop until they drop. The Koko Marina Shopping Center is the major shopping area that people are going to go to, and have such restaurant as Kona Brewing Company, Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Zippy's and Assaggio's.

However, for those that are looking at this location to rent, they are going to find that the biggest benefits, besides the scenery and shopping is the fact that this is near the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Those that want to have some fun outside are going to find that this is the location that they are going to want. They will find that snorkeling on Hanauma Bay is the way to go for most people. But, there are others aspects about the bay that makes it so appealing to those that visit.

The first is the fact that as any local will tell a person those that are wanting to catch some sun and do some exploring on the bay should act earlier as they only let in around 2000 people at once. And for those that are not there early, they simply have to stand in line and wait for the people to live the bay so that they can enjoy everything as well. In fact, some people wait over thirty minutes just to get onto the bay.

Beat the traffic: get there early

Since the person is staying in the Hawaii Kai area, they do get the benefit of being able to beat the majority of traffic since they are closer. However, that does not mean that they should wait until the last minutes. Parking seems to be a problem for most people since the lot is not extremely huge. The cost to park is one dollar, however, when the lot is full, the person is going to spend a while trying to wait for someone to leave in order to get their spot since there is no parking on the side of the road allowed.

There are around one million cars that are registered in Hawaii, thus a person can see that there are traffic jams occasionally. And of that one million, almost seventy percent of those cars is located in Oahu. By staying in the Hawaii Kai rental the person can avoid this. The bay opens at six in the morning, and those that are wanting to get in should make sure that they are there at opening times.

Paying for the Location

Those that decide to stay here are going to find that the nightly rates of the area are usually several hundred dollars per night, however, you get what you pay for in the long run. They are going to get a lot of room and an excellent location for that price that can make their trip even that much more fun.


Those that decide to stay in Hawaii Kai are going to find that they are staying in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Oahu and they will know just how paradise feels after staying here in this affluent neighborhood. While also getting the benefits that come along with staying here.