For any person who is looking to purchase real estate in Hawaii, but does not want to deal with the maintenance, price and responsibility to owning a full house in Hawaii, there is certainly always the option of purchasing a condo. A condo can definitely be a great investment for any person or any couple that is looking for either a place to live or a vacation home and do not need the added expense or added space of a full house. There are certainly plenty of condos available for any person or couple to purchase in Hawaii. There is a vast array of different living situations that a person or couple who is looking into investing in a condo can get involved with.

One of the available options for any person or couple who is looking to buy a condo to live in or stay at for vacations is a condo inside a big building. This would be more like an apartment complex and would feature a significant amount of condos. There would most likely be a community pool for every member of the condo complex to use and depending on the particular condo complex there might be some other nice common areas, such as a game room of sorts.

There are also some other types of condos available that could be part of a hotel, but located in a special area. This could be really neat because if a person or couple decides to purchase one of these types of condos, then he or she would most likely get to use all of the amenities that are provided by the resort. As a result of this, not only would the couple or individual get a place to stay in that he or she owns to vacation at or even live in permanently, but he or she would also get to use all of the hotels facilities. This is definitely a major plus of this option, as an individual would still get the resort experience when he or she wanted it, but then get to stay in his or her own bed and own condo.

Another option for a condo is just simply a nice condo located somewhere that is not necessarily in a big building or a part of a hotel, just in a nice community with other condos. This can be great because it is very similar to living in a home in a tiny neighborhood. 

All of these options will be appealing to different people for different reasons so it just comes down to personal preference.