So the dream to move to Hawaii is finally coming true. Through months of searching and looking at various homes, you finally found the one home that met your every need. So you put in an offer, and to just prove that it was fate that you found the home the offer was accepted, and the home is officially yours. So what now? Now comes what many people term the hardest part about purchasing a home in Hawaii, the actual move.


Since the majority of those that move to Hawaii after purchasing a home are from other parts of the United States, they now face the decision as to how to move all of their belongings to the island and their new home. The best way and the most cost effective way to do this is to simply sell those things that you are not attached to before you move. Why? The cost of moving these items by boat is going to be outrageous and one that after purchasing a home may seem as if it will break you. So, sell those things that you have no attachment to, then use that money when you get to your future home in order to buy more furniture. There are tons of furniture stores in Hawaii to choose from, so there is no need to worry that you will not find something. In fact, you may find things that are better suited to your island look at these places.


You also need to make arrangements if you have pets to come to the island. There are many rules and regulations in place for bringing pets to the island in order to keep the island free of rabies. This involves fees and keeping the pet in isolation for several weeks. Also, consider that the car that you bring with you will have to be inspected by Hawaii and then registered in Hawaii at least nine days after you move.


Once you get to the island and have started to settle in, remember to explore your neighborhood. The majority of those in Hawaii are known for their friendliness, thus do your best to fit in and let the guard down that you may have had in place living in other places of the world. After all, this may be your home for the rest of your life since you are living in paradise and may never feel the need to move ever again, so make the best of it.