Hawaii is the fiftieth state in the United States that consists of many different islands. The culture and language of Hawaii is of Polynesian descent. Hawaii is also the location for over four hundred different festivals that include food, home furnishings, jewelry, arts and crafts, plants, produce, toys, clothing, and handicraft festivals. People from all over the world vacation in Hawaii for its beautiful paradise surroundings, surfing, festivals, beaches, weather, and just all around fun. Hawaii also has many different Luaus on the island where hula dancers and belly dancers can be seen. 


Hawaii is not just known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful festivals. It is also a large cultural and historical place with lots of hidden secrets that vacationers love to seek out. Vacationers come to the Island to enjoy the many activities and festivals, but they also love the feel of the rich historical atmosphere. The island of Oahu has more festivals than any other island in Hawaii. The festivals given in Oahu are a combination of sports events, parades, and cultural events. 


The most significant dates for Hawaiian festivals in Oahu, are June 11th through the 13th, which culminate the thirty first anniversary of the many diverse cultures of the Pacific islands. The Pan Pacific Festival includes a block party that contains the best live entertainment, hula dancing, and Hawaiian food around located at the Ala Moana Center. People who partake in this festival will be delighted to see Japanese hula dancers performing along with the Hawaiian hula dancers. The festival ends with a great parade in Waikiki along the Avenue of Kalakaua. 


August is another great festival month where people celebrate the many items that have been made through the years on the islands of Aloha through entrepreneurship. It is a way to celebrate the rich heritage that has culminated from Hawaii throughout the year. Hawaiian residents as well as vacationers can help celebrate the cultural pride of all Polynesians. Most Hawaiian festivals bring in over thirty five thousand people each year for these grand three day festivals. 


In March, another great festival can be celebrated with the three day Honolulu art festival, which will contain a lot of dance, music, and art celebrations that end with a grand parade into Waikiki. May brings in wonderful Oahu celebrations to Kapiolani Park where people can join in on competitions with lei making, along with live entertainment and music. Other May festivals bring celebrations with Hawaiian wine and food on a four day gourmet getaway that includes a romantic lunch, as well as barbeques on the beach. The Pineapple festival takes place in Wahiawa, as well as downtown Honolulu. More festivals in June include the King Kamehameha Floral Parade which represents the Hawaiian Royal Court.


The parade will bring in delightfully ornate dressed female riders on horseback wearing leis, and decorated floats. In September the Taste of the Arts festival in Chinatown celebrates local restaurants in a sample taste test extravaganza. People who vacation in Hawaii will be treated to many festivals throughout the year that showcase the cultural history that has culminated the island since it became a part of the United States. Vacationers will also enjoy the festivals while partaking in many other wonderful activities while on the island. September, May, and June are the biggest months for the most festivals for people to plan their vacations around.