On cold, cloudy days from the confines of your office, you may find yourself dreaming of Hawaii, of warmth and slow sultry days. You lean back a bit and indulge in the day dream. Whatever you see yourself doing, you certainly can see a beach - white glowing sand below a crisply blue sky, waves that pound the shoreline and pull back slowly, over and over as the sun radiates through your bones until even your thoughts are warm and bright. Beaches are the essence of the Hawaiian dream and the perfect escape from the daily grind. Even just thinking about the beaches of Hawaii can bring pleasant thoughts and almost make you feel warm and calm no matter what is going on. 


As plentiful as beaches are in Hawaii, it certainly won't take much effort to fulfill your craving. However, with such a variety, a little bit of research might help you find the exact beach suited to your desires. The beaches can vary greatly with different sands, different waves, different settings. For swimming, Lanikai Beach on Oahu enjoys tremendous popularity. Ke'e Beach Park on Kauai boasts incredible sunsets. With plenty of shoreline and variety, Hawaii's beaches are sure meet everyone's demands. After visiting Hawaii, you will never be able to claim that all beaches are the same. Perhaps you're not looking to sit by the water and drink margaritas. Maybe you're looking for something more active. There's more to find at the beach than relaxation and socialization. Incredible snorkeling opportunities, windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking all await you and the legendary beaches of Hawaii. If you're traveling with small children, some of the beaches are set in protective coves and have calmer water so there's no reason to worry about the power of the waves. 


Living as most of us do in world of concrete and asphalt, the allure of Hawaii lies not only in the escape it offers, but also in its tantalizing glimpse of nature in all its glory. The tropical fish, the clean water, and the intricate and lovely coral reefs are some of the most amazing representations of nature you can find. Communing this way with the wonders of the natural world can create a sense of harmony that many of us are lacking in our day to day lives. If you find yourself worn out, cynical and just plain sick of the everyday, the beaches of Hawaii may be the perfect remedy for your body and your soul.