Diamond Head is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  It is just to the east of Waikiki and sits on the southeast portion of the island facing the Pacific Ocean.  The locals call the island Le’ahi.  It received its modern name from British sailors, who confused the sparkling calcite with diamonds. 

Diamond Head is a volcanic crater in a chain of Hawaii’s craters.  This crater has been extinct for 150,000 years, and when Hawaii became annexed by the United States, Fort Ruger, one of the major defense forts of the time, was built inside Diamond Head.  This turned Diamond Head into an observation deck and underground complex.  The Diamond Head trail still gives evidence to the command post that once stood, and is still home to radar.  The trail is one mile and three-quarters long and leads to the west side of the island where hikers will get a breathtaking view of Waikiki to Koki Island.

Homes in Diamond Head

Diamond Head is home to people who are looking to get away for a while or who are looking to stay gone.  This area is where vacationers come for quiet and relaxation and where retirees and millionaires look to call home.  This is an exquisite upscale community.

The Gold Coast is located at the base of Diamond Head on Kapiolani Park.  It has the feel of a residential area but is still in close proximity to nearly everything.  Waikiki and Honolulu are both just a few minutes away.  This area is home to some of the best condos, with amazing views of the Pacific and Waikiki, in Hawaii.

Along the Gold Coast there are cottages and mansions alike lined up beside the crater.  Many of these homes sit on the bases of cliffs and overlook the ocean.  Some of the most luxurious homes are located in this area alone due to the spectacular views available.

The average home in Diamond Head starts at a price of $800,000.  Most of the homes here have an average of four bedrooms, and the condos have an average of two bedrooms.

Activities in Diamond Head

Besides being able to go on the Diamond Head trail there are numerous other things people will love about living in this area.  Diamond Head is made for someone who loves to be outdoors.  The Kapiolani Park is in walking distance from the beach.  There people can enjoy practicing any number of sports from tennis to archery. 

Waikiki is located just on the outside of Diamond Head.  This provides some privacy and quietness from this widely popular tourist destination, but also is close enough where homeowners can enjoy the two-mile strip shopping center.  They also have the option of eating at any number of high-rated restaurants, visiting the Honolulu Zoo, or checking out the Haunama Bay.

People are buying peace when they buy real estate in Diamond Head. This area is great for those who want to live a quiet life in an epicurean lifestyle.  The beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean always in view and the ability to enjoy it in a comfortable environment is a dream come true for many people.  Plus, there is the bonus of never having to travel far to enjoy other activities. Diamond Head really does offer everything.