Halona Blow Hole is a must visit natural attraction on Oahu. Many tourists who are visiting Hawaii Kai will come to Halona Blow Hole. Tour groups often include the Halona Blow Hole as part of the tour package. The best time to visit the blowhole is during a windy day.

Halona Blow Hole is formed from molten lava tubes that developed during the volcanic eruption that occurred many years ago. The lava tube is located underneath the ocean. When the water passes through the lava tube, the blowhole will spurts out water up to as high as 30 feet. The bigger the surf wave, the more water will shoot out from the blowhole. The Halona Beach Cove is located at the right side of the Halona Blowhole. The Halona Beach Cove, also called Peering Place is a small sandy beach that offers great swimming opportunities. You should only go swimming at the Halona Beach when there is calm surf.

Halona Beach was featured in the romantic movie called “From Here to Eternity” filmed in 1953. The Hawaiian green sea turtle frequently visit the Halona Beach. Nearby the Halona Beach, you will find the Kalwi Channel. Kalwi Channel is a dangerous ocean channel. Since no lifeguard is positioned at Halona Beach, you must be careful. You should avoid swimming at the Halona Beach if you notice rough surf. You can check with the local people about the ocean condition and weather. To avoid slipping, you should wear a pair of sturdy shoes. The beach is quite steep so you need to be careful when walking on it. There are also lots of rocks at the beach. The waves frequently crash to the sides so you should always walk further from the water. It is advised that you stay within a distance from the blowhole. You can stand at a site in a safe distance to view the blowhole.

You can reach Halona Blow Hole by taking the Kalanionole Highway. The blowhole is about 5 minutes drive from Hawaii Kai. From the Halona Blow Hole, you can view the Halona coastline. You can also get a good view of the offshore islands such as Molokai, Lanai and etc. In the winter, you may be able to watch whales swimming in the ocean. When you are at this site, you can visit other popular landmarks such as Hanauma Bay and Koko Head Botanical Garden.