Yokohama Bay, also called Keawaula Beach is located on the north side of the west coast of Oahu. It is situated within the proximity of Kaena Point. If you want to go to Yokohama Bay, you must take a car there. There is no bus that offers route services to Yokohama Bay. The bus only travels to Makaha Beach. If you are from Honolulu, you can drive for an hour to Yokohama Bay. During the winter, the bay will be pounded with waves. The surfing wave can reach up to 10 feet during winter season. In the weekdays, the beach will not be crowded. If you want to have some peace, you can visit the Yokohama Bay during the weekdays. The beach is usually filled with people during the weekend.

The Yokohama beach has rocky bottom so it is not suitable for beginner surfers. High waves and strong currents present at Yokohama Bay. If you plan to swim at Yokohama Bay, you should visit during the summer. The bay has fine brown sand. It also has beautiful scenery. There are several mountains in the surrounding region of the bay. You can bring along a camera if you want to take photo of the scenery. There are many legends behind the Yokohama Bay.

If you want to go to somewhere with a beautiful setting, you should visit the Yokohama Bay. Yokohama Bay offers cool breezes from the trade wind. The place is always hot and sunny so it is great for sun basking. The picturesque mountains will give you a peaceful feeling. It is the site where one can go and have a Hawaiian feel. Local people often come to Yokohama Bay to camp. During the weekend, the shore will be pre-occupied with people. If you want to avoid the crowd, you should visit the beach in between Tuesday and Thursday. Lifeguards are available on the weekdays and weekends so it is safe to carry out water sports activities at Yokohama Bay.

Yokohama Beach is a good snorkeling spot when the water is calm. The snorkeling spot is located on the left side of the small rocks. You can snorkel at the rocky point located on the southern side of the beach. Yokohama Beach is exposed to large waves in the winter. The waves can suddenly becomes very fierce without you knowing about it. If you want to go to Yokohama Beach, you can take the H-1 highway. Yokohama Bay is located at the end of the Farrington Highway.