You have the perfect Honolulu home you ever dreamed of in your entire life? The perfect environment to raise your family in… problem is, this is only known to you and maybe to your kids, a potential home buyer doesn’t know that it is the ‘perfect’ place and instead they form this first impression when they pay the first visit to your house. So just because your home is ‘perfect’ to you doesn’t mean it should be ‘perfect’ to the whole world, more so to your potential home buyer. It is in such a case that you are required to dance to the tune of a potential home buyer, of course if you are serious you want to sell the house and that you don’t want to stick with the property 10 months down the line after you put up the first ‘For Sale’ signboard on the yard.


As a home seller, it is critical that you clearly understand that the first impression of your home to a potential buyer is all that matters. It goes without saying that if the first impression is not as per their expectations, they would have no choice but to continue searching for a ‘better’ home. Actually they may end up with a home that is of a lower standard than yours just because the house’ first impression was strong enough to convince them. It is important therefore to work hard to ensure that you ‘transform’ your home to help make them envision it as a ‘perfect’ place for them to be. If they develop a strong conviction towards your house, you can rest assured that nothing can stop them from buying the house… but only if the first impression is strong enough to develop a strong enough conviction.


There are specific areas where you need to pay close attention to when it comes to helping create the best first impression of your home to a potential home buyer. Remember that the moment a potential buyer drives up the boulevard, they are evaluating and comparing ‘the house on sale’ to similar houses along the street. They are basically evaluating all the homes in the area and not just yours. Thus, it is advisable that your home looks closer to what those of your neighbors look like, if not better. In other words, your landscaping ought to be in perfect shape, you need to have a well manicured lawn, you need to have attractive walls painted in a fresh coat of painting and not the old flaking paint, you need to ensure the driveway is cleaned and remains sparkling clean until the day you finally seal the deal.


Simply put, do anything and everything that will make you fall in love with your dream home in Hawaii and make you feel like you want to continue living there. This is the only way you will convince the outside world that it is worth living and raising families in there. Failure to do this, you can rest assured it will be an exercise in futility and you will be stuck with your home for a very long time.