When a potential homeowner finds a home that they are interested in, they then make an offer. Most people leave this step up to the Hawaii real estate agent that they are working with, however, it is a good idea that all of those searching in the Hawaii real estate market know exactly what they should be saying in the even that the offer is accepted or rejected. This way the person can feel as if they are involved in the dealings process one hundred percent.


Everyone wants their offer to be accepted. However, that is not the case in many instances, simply because the homeowner may be holding out for a better offer. In these cases, when you hear the response of 'No', what should you do? Should you make another offer? Or just give up and find another home that you like? This is really up to the home buyer that is looking, however, in most cases, the home buyer is sure that they love the house, thus they do not want to give it up. So instead of just walking away, send the offer again. However, be sure to read why the owner refused it the first time, if there are specific reasons such as the offering price is to far from the asking price, then increase your offer if you can. However, be sure to not put yourself into a situation that you cannot afford. If there is no reason why the offer was rejected, then simply make the same offer. Many times, people find that they will make the same offer two or three times before the seller agrees to the price. You are basically wearing the seller down, which works in almost any situation. Now, after making the offer again and it is still a no, respond by asking a few questions. What can the buyer do in order to make the offer good? Why will the seller not sell? And so on. When you ask definite questions, you can receive answers that are going to make you able to make the offer more appealing to the seller, which is what you want to do.


When the offer is accepted, the first time around or the fourth or fifth time around, you still need to respond. A simple thank you is in order to let the seller know that you appreciate their quick response on the offer and it is just the courteous thing to do. Plus, you do not want the seller to feel any second thoughts on selling the house since the deal could still go South.