When deciding to make a move to Hawaii, one of the most popular places to move is the Diamond Head area. The homes in Diamond Head are situated up against the volcanic crater. However, this does not seem to turn people's attention to other areas. The reason that people move here is because it is situated near almost anywhere that people would want to visit, such as the cities of Waikiki and Kahala. So what can people expect to get for their money when they move to this area?


Diamond Head real estate start at around $800,000. For this price you are going to be getting the spare minimum. Since the houses are highly sought after, this raises the price of homes in the area. However, for those that are retiring to the area, having a one bedroom house is going to be efficient for these people. Houses can go as high as $2.5 million. There are homes, apartments and condos to choose from when looking to purchase something in the area. A typical single family house is going to run a person around $2,4950,000 and this will include around three or four bedrooms with at least two baths. Plus, most of the homes in the area have a backyard with pools or other recreational activities to do for those that are interested.


When moving to the area, those who are considering it should fly down to the island in order to begin searching for property. There are many people interested in the area, thus the competition for some of these homes could be rather competitive. This is why those that are interested in moving to the area should start looking at least six months in advance to their planned moving date.


One of the biggest questions that people have about moving to the area is just how they are going to get their belongings to the island. The best thing that you can do, which will be less expensive for the mover and just a bit easier is to sell those things that you can live without while in your current home. Then, buy new furniture and things when you do get your home in Diamond Head. There are shipping services available for those that do not wish to do this, however, you are looking at an extremely high price.


The crime rate in the area is relatively low when compared to other parts of the United States, which is always good news for those that are planning to move to the area. And there are an abundance of schools for those with children.