North shore of Oahu is the area facing the northern coast of Oahu. It is situated in between the Kaena Point and Kahuku Point. Haleiwa is the largest settlement in the north shore of Oahu. The beaches in north shore of Oahu are well known for the large waves. Surfers from different part of the world have come to the beaches in north shore Oahu because of the massive waves during the winter months. In the winter, there will be a high level of surfing activities because of the stormy condition in the North Pacific Ocean. Two notable surfing spots in north shore Oahu include Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. Ehukai Beach, also called Banzai Pipeline is a popular surfing spot. Every year, surfing competitions are held at Ehukai Beach. Several water sports competitions are held at the north shore including Triple Crown of Surfing, Reef Hawaiian Pro, O’Neill World Cup of Surfing, Billabong Pro, and Billabong Pipeline Masters.

The north shore is a great place to stay. One of the advantages of staying in the north shore is that it is near to many beaches. Many popular beaches in Oahu are located in the north shore including Alii Beach Park, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and etc. You can do whatever kind of water sports activities at the beach. Once you moved here, you no longer have to take a flight to have a vacation at the Oahu beach. You just need to drive a short distance to the north shore. You will be able to buy all your stuffs at the local shops. There are many fine restaurants in north shore such as seafood, pastries, fruit smoothies, sandwich and etc. Besides visiting the beach, you can go sight seeing or hiking on the mountain trails.

The north shore of Oahu offers a large range of condominiums for rentals. The Turtle Bay resort is located in the north shore of Oahu. You will find plenty of shops and restaurants at the north shore. There are many schools, which you can send your children to attend. Educational systems of all levels can be found in the north shore including preschools, elementary schools, high school and university. There are two preschools in north shore including Kahuku Rainbow Pre-School and Sunset Beach Christian School. Some of the elementary schools that can be found in the north shore include Laie Elementary, Kahuku Elementary, St. Michaels Elementary, and Waialua Elementary. BYU Hawaii University is the local university.