When people want to plan a vacation in Hawaii, they will often think of Honolulu. In Honolulu, there are many landmarks including Aloha Tower, Duke Kahanamoku Statue, Kawwaiahao Church, King Kamehameha Statue and Leahi. Aloha Tower used to be the tallest tower in Hawaii in 1920. The total cost for building the Aloha Tower is $190,000. Today, it is the second tallest building in Hawaii. The tower symbolizes the Aloha spirit. It features a clock, which has been in perfect condition since the time it was built. You can view the clock from different places in Aloha Tower Marketplace. Because it is a popular tourist attraction, the foreign tourists constantly visit the Aloha Tower. Around the tower, you will find many shops, cuisine restaurant, entertainment sites and etc.


Duke Kahanamoku Statue was erected in remembrance of Duke Kahanamoku. Duke Kahanamoku has a passion in water activities such as surfing, and swimming. He is best known as the father of modern surfing. King Kamehameha statue is built to remember King Kamehameha. King Kamehameha brings peace to the people on the Hawaii Island during his reign. An American artist called T.R. Gould built the statue. The statue was given to the king during he coronation ceremony. There are three King Kamehameha statues. The main King Kamehameha statue is located in front of the AliIolani Hale. Another statue can be found at the Kohala on Big Island. The third statue of King Kamehameha is located in Statuary Hall.


Leahi also known as Diamond Head is a volcano tuff. The height of the volcano has a height of about 230 meters and a width of 990 meters. It was named as Diamond Head because the British sailors though the rock has many diamonds. Actually, the diamonds are calcite crystal. Diamond Head has many vents. In the past, it has erupted several times. The volcano is now extinct.


Waikiki has the most famous stretch of beaches in Oahu. Waikiki has the longest coastline compare to the beaches in other areas of Hawaii. You can plan your beach vacation at Waikiki. Nearby Waikiki, there are lots of hotels, resorts and shops. Oahu also has many museums including National Memorial Cemetery, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Bishop Museum and Iolani Palace. The National Memorial Cemetery is one of the most popular cemeteries in the United States. It pays tribute to the army of the America Armed Forces. The Honolulu Academy of Arts and Shangri La is a fine art museum. Bishop Museum offers a large range of artifacts.