Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens is a park located at Kaneohe. Hiram Fong first owned the garden. Hiram Fong was a Chinese American that worked as a U.S. Senate for 17 years. After working for 17 years, he retired to the tropical garden. Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens covers area 725 acres and situated about 80 feet above the sea level. It is located at about 2,600 feet from the Koolau Mountains. Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens area is larger than the Waikiki. 

The garden plantation is divided into 5 different regions. Each of the 5 regions is named after the 5 presidents, which he had served during the time he worked at the U.S. Senate. Originally, King Lunalilo owned the land in the garden. However, Senator Fong bought it over later. While at Senator Fong Plantation Garden, you can learn how to create lei. The lei making class will teach you how to make lei out of the flowers that are picked from the garden. The lei making class is available in two languages including English and Japanese.  The garden has a large open-air facility for people who want to hold wedding. You will find facilities such as gift shop, fruit stand, restroom, car park and visitor center.

The garden landscape is almost the same as the landscape that occur hundreds of years ago. The forest has all kinds of plants including kukui, hala, and ohia-ai. If you observe the slope, you will notice the ti grass and pili grass. Senator’s Fong Plantation Garden offers daily guided walking tour that takes place in between 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. The guided garden walk allows you to take a tour around the valleys of the plantation. You will be able to explore all kinds of fruit trees, palm trees and flower plants at the plantation garden. As tourists travel around the garden, the guide will hand out fragrant flowers located on the trail. 

The park is open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily. If you want to come to Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens, you can take the H-1. While traveling on H-1, you should turn to Likelike Highway. After you have turned into Likelike Highway, you can turn into Kahekikili Highway. Later, you should turn left into Pulama Road Bus. If you walk uphill for 1 mile, you will reach Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens.