Its that time of the year when you are ready to move to another location due to a change in your job or lifestyle. Hawaii is a beautiful location with several islands strung together for 1500 miles on a volcanic chain. This beautiful tropical state is made up of palm trees and wonderful sunsets; however, this scenery comes with a price. The state of Hawaii can be a very expensive place to live compared to the other states, you are not only paying to live on the land, you are also paying for the scenic environment as well as living in a tourist state.


There are several things that have to be done before you are able to successfully move to another location, whether it be Hawaii or another far-off state. The first thing that should be done whenever a move is about to take place, is the listing of items. Sit down with each family member and write out a list of all of their belongings, this will ensure that everything is delivered to your new home without any delays.


When moving, the family pet is a necessity, being considered a family member it would be a tragedy to have to part from them. There are certain vaccinations required for a pet to travel from one place to the next, be sure these are all updated and correct before arranging travel plans for your four legged friend. Some places in Hawaii do not allow pets to come straight from the plane into the home, they must be quarantined for at least five days. Make arrangements to be able to get your pet out of quarantine on the designated day.


The cost of shipping most of your items will be a bit expensive depending on where you are moving from. The ideal method of transportation of goods along the United States is the railways. This will ensure a prompt delivery to California, from there your container of goods can be transported across the ocean by ship or barge. Compare the prices with different trains and ships to see where you can save the most money.


If you own a vehicle that you are planning on taking with you to Hawaii, arrange necessary shipping. This can be done the same way as your household goods. Even though insurance might be on the vehicle, the cost of using the vehicle in Hawaii might be a bit more than the normal in your old state. Commute time is averaged at one hour and a half for a fourteen mile trip into town. Even though this may seem like a long time for a short distance, the number of people in Hawaii are normally tourists.