While there are many important factors that can make a home sell faster, lighting is one of the most critical, and one of the most often overlooked.  Experienced Hawaii real estate agents understand the value of good lighting and home sellers should take care to ensure that the lighting they have selected puts their home in a good light. The right lighting can make an enormous difference in the attractiveness of the home, and a small and inexpensive upgrade can yield big dividends

Lighting has an important role to play when it comes to the look and feel of the home. Along with color, paint and floor plan, the lighting will help to set the mood and provide potential buyers with a warm and inviting atmosphere. A home with plenty of light will provide a bright and cheerful atmosphere and make the space seem warn and welcoming.  A home that is poorly lit can have just the opposite effect; certainly not what home sellers would want.

Of course there are many lighting options to choose from, but by far the most convenient, and most affordable, is natural light. Light from the sun is free, easy and at least during the daylight hours plentiful as well. Arranging the home to make the most of the natural light available can provide the perfect environment for showing the home. And since most homes will be shown during daylight hours this natural light is one of the most important factors in helping make the home look its best.

One of the most effective ways to make the most of natural light while making the home sparkle is to give all of the windows a good spring-cleaning. Even windows that do not look dirty may have accumulated layers of dirt, grease and grime, and washing that dirt away can greatly enhance the look of the home and the availability of natural light.

The window treatments can make a big difference as well, and it is a good idea for homeowners to carefully evaluate their current window treatments in order to determine if they need updating. Large, heavy curtains can interfere with natural light, especially if those curtains are dark colored. A better choice for home sellers may be folding screens, which can be rolled all the way up in order to allow the maximum amount of natural light to shine through. On the outside of the home, choosing shutters that fold the whole way back is a good choice.

Let There Be (More) Light

If you've taken down those old curtains and given the windows a good spring cleaning but still face a dark home, some additional lighting may be in order. Fortunately, there are some simple and inexpensive lighting changes homeowners can make to enhance the amount of light in their home and make the property more attractive to potential buyers

Before adding additional lighting to the home, it is important to first look at the nature of the natural light the home receives.  Knowing where the natural light falls and at what times of day will help you make the most of your lighting renovation.

It also makes sense to carefully consider any major upgrades to windows, and to ensure that the value they add to the home will truly improve its value. It is especially important to be careful when adding or replacing windows, as doing so can change the entire look of the home. While the addition of a larger window may let in more light, it may also change the proportions of the home.

Many homeowners find that the addition of one or more skylights will provide the biggest bang for the buck. Skylights remain very popular with homebuyers, and adding one can provide a great deal of natural light for a relatively low cost.

There are many additional lighting options that homeowners can use to enhance the style, beauty and value of their homes Accent lighting can make a big difference, especially in rooms that tend to be dark. Adding a couple of accent lights to a dark den or living room can make an enormous difference, as can the addition of a few strategically placed pole lights.

Recessed lighting can also be a great choice for providing subtle and unobtrusive light for any room of the house. The addition of a dimmer switch, which allows the homeowner to either flood the area with light or provide a more subdued lighting look, can make this recessed lighting even more versatile and valuable. There are of course many different lighting options to choose from, and it is important for each homeowner to determine which lighting choices will provide the best value to their home. Among the most popular forms of lighting home sellers should consider are:

Recessed canned lighting-As stated above, recessed lighting could provide a beautiful, stylish and subtle lighting solution to any room. These lights can be quite versatile, perfect for providing overhead light, task lighting or even floor lighting. Trimming the floor of the room with recessed canned lighting can provide a dramatic effect, perfect for the entranceway or foyer. HI Pendant lights. These commonly used lights use hanging cords for added convenience. Pendant lights are perfect for providing task lighting especially in the kitchen.

Chandeliers-When many of us think of chandeliers we think of the formal dining room, with its huge elegant hanging light. These stylish lights are showing up everywhere, however, and they can be the perfect lighting solution for bathrooms, bedrooms and more.