Makapu ‘u Lighthouse is a popular landmark that is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. The lighthouse is built during 1909. You can hike on the paved trail to reach the lighthouse. From the paved trail, you will be able to observe the scenery of the Molokai Island. The hiking trail that leads to the lighthouse is about 2 miles long. Although the trail is quite steep, it should not be difficult to hike it.

There is no facility located on the trail. The weather can get hot in the afternoon so it is recommended that you begin the hiking journey in the morning. To protect yourself from the heat, you can wear sunscreen. You can also drink a lot of water to prevent yourself from becoming thirsty. You should apply some sun lotion on your skin as the ultraviolet ray from the sun can cause unnecessary damages. Upon arrival at the Makapu’u Point Trail, you can park the car on the side of the street. From the parking area, you can proceed to the starting point of the Makapu’u Point trail. If you follow the trail, you will come to the west side of the ridge. Afterward, you have to turn to the north and east side of ridge. You are only allowed to hike the trail on foot. You cannot cycle on the trail. Open fire is not allowed on the trail as well. You don’t have to obtain a hiking permit in order to hike on the trail.

The Makapu’u Point Trail is located in the Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline. When standing at the trail, you can watch the beautiful scenery of the windward coast. You can also observe offshore islets, and the Makapu lighthouse from the trail. The offshore islets located near to the trail are home to a variety of birds.

You can also observe the Manana Island and Kaohikaipu Island from the trail. In front of the lighthouse is the Molokai Channel. If you want to perform whale watching, you should bring a pair of binocular. At the trail, you will notice signs that hint you where to stand to look out for the humpback whales. By following the signs, you will be able to easily spot the humpback whales. Makapu ‘u Lighthouse offers a good vantage point for humpback whale watching. You can watch the whale traveling in the Molokai channel from December to April.