With warm, sunny beaches, excellent shopping, and plenty of activities for the more adventurous travelers, Honolulu is a perfect travel destination for visitors of all ages. Families, honeymooners, or singles looking for fun can find activities to suit their taste in the capital city of Hawaii. Located on the southern side of Oahu, the third largest Hawaiian island, it's about 2000 miles off the coast of the continental United States. The following tips for travel in Honolulu can help you to determine what to do when you visit this vibrant city.


Long before Honolulu became a world-famous tourist destination, it was the favored vacation area for the Hawaiian royalty. The late 18th century saw the first British explorer to touch Hawaiian soil, and as the active port of Honolulu became more popular with traders from around the world, in 1845 King Kamehameha III chose to move the Kingdom's capital from Maui over to Honolulu. Since then, the tourism industry in Honolulu has exploded. Waikiki Beach is world renowned for its fabulous, golden sanded beaches and the famous surfing during the winter. The climate nearly guarantees that you will get a sunny, warm day, no matter the season, and the islands are notorious for their hospitality.


Honolulu International Airport services the island of Oahu as well as most visitors travelling to other islands. The city also offers many options for public transportation that isvery visitor-friendly. There's a bus service that will cover almost the whole island for a small fee, or the tourist-oriented Waikiki Trolleys. These are meant to conduct tourists to the most popular attractions in Honolulu without confusing transfers. It's a little costlier to travel in this manner, but it's worth it to spend a little more money to get to where you're trying to go. Naturally, car rentals are available, but the most popular tourist destinations in Honolulu are easily accessed by the public transit for those who hesitate to take on the expense of the rental car.


The more athletic visitors will welcome the opportunity to hike along the trails at nearby Diamond Head. Named by mainlanders who believed the mineral deposits were actually diamonds sparkling in the sun, the trail-head at the foot of Diamond Head leads visitors on a one mile hike to the top of the crater, which generally takes one to two hours for completion. Scuba fanatics can get their fix in the lovely Hanauma Bay, home to a live coral reef. The abundant marine life is beautiful as well as educational, and allows visitors to get a unique face-to-face view of unusual fish.