On the island of Oahu, located in Honolulu is the city of Waikiki that is known for its beauty. This area is home to what many consider to be the most popular beach that can be found anywhere, and is known for the crisp sands that are white and the water that is blue and fresh. This is where everyone comes to when they want to be a part of the tourist scene when they visit Hawaii. And for those that are considering Hawaii to vacation at, they are going to find that in Waikiki there are tons of things that they can do.

The beaches of Waikiki are actually comprised of a few single, smaller beaches that the person can visit. For example, there is the Royal Manoa Beach, which is considered to be the most popular, thus it is the most crowded during most times of the year. There is also Fort DeRussy Beach is coming in at second place for one of the popular beaches to choose from, and most people visit this beach in order to snorkel and just enjoy the coral reefs that are close to the shore. There are other beaches, including Kahanamoku Beach, San Souci Beach, Queens Surf Beach and Kuhio Beach.

For those that want to visit a landmark while in Waikiki, then south of the city is the Diamond Head Crater that is a volcano crater that everyone will see when they are located in Waikiki. Those that decide to go here usually make sure that they take a stroll around the observation deck and will find that they can get some great views of Oahu, that are picture perfect. And for those that want to be a bit more adventurous, then they are going to want to go on the hiking trial that takes them to the rim of the crater, and it is not too hard for those that want to do this.

There is also the third oldest aquarium in all of the United States that are located in Waikiki, which means that it must go on any tourists list of things to do while in Hawaii. There are over one hundred species that are found throughout Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean that are housed in the aquarium. For example, there are octopi, jellyfish, sharks and reef fish. And popular the reason that most people stop in is the exhibit that has Hawaiian monk seals. And for those that visit the aquarium, they cannot live out the Honolulu Zoo that is also located in Waikiki. There are over a thousand animals that call this zoo home and the person that comes here has around forty-two acres to venture through that is home to zebras, lions, rhinos, and so forth.

Those that decide to visit Waikiki are going to find that there are tons of things that they can do and enjoy. They are going to find that they can enjoy the beaches, shop at the International Market Place, which is a great place to find souvenirs to give to others or to remember their trip by, and basically enjoy their time in Hawaii. And for those that are looking to make their stay even better they should make sure that they stay at one of the prestigious hotels in town, such as the Waikiki Banyan.