Formerly known as Waimea Valley Audubon Center, and now called Waimea Valley, features various Hawaiian natural history and culture. It is situated in Haleiwa in north Oahu. It offers exhibition on more than 2,500 species of plants. It covers an area of 1,800 acres of land. Waimea Valley used to be a taro plantation cultivated by the local Hawaiians. You can follow the trail at the center to reach the Waihi Falls. The trail to Waihi Falls is about 3.5 miles. Waihi Falls is about 40 foot high. Waihi Falls is also called Waimea Falls. There are lifeguard supervising the people so it is safe to swim there. The remains of Hale O Lono heaiau can be found at the Waimea Valley. You can also observe other archaeological sites at the park. There are several evidences that prove the valley was an important religious site.

The center is open for public visitation from 9 a.m. -5 p.m. everyday. The best time to visit Waimea Valley is in the morning or afternoon. Once you arrive at the park, you will get an informative handout. You can take the self-guided tour to explore the gardens. Different types of native plants can be seen at the park. It offers a wide range of flora. When visiting the park, you will be able to learn about the Hawaiian ecosystems. The purpose is to allow the visitors to explore the nature so that they can learn more about Hawaii environment. The plants in the park are labeled properly. You can reference the labels on the plant if you want to get more information. You can visit the Pikake Pavilion to have some refreshments. If you want to go to the park, you need to bring along a bottle of water. You can purchase snacks and beverages at the shop there. If you are coming by car, you will have to pay a fee for the car park.

You should bring your own swimsuit if you want to swim at the pool at Waihi Falls. At the Waihi Falls, there is a changing room, which you can use to change your clothes. There are a number of birdseeds stations. You can purchase birdseeds from the birdseed stations to feed the birds. Some of the birds you can see at the park include peacock, chickens and etc.