Leeward Coast offers a variety of rural towns. Leeward Coast in Oahu constitutes a few communities including Waipahu, Makaha and Nanakuli. The Leeward Coast has many beautiful beaches. One of the popular beaches Leeward Coast is the Ko Olina Beach. The climate is relatively warm at the region. You can go swimming and snorkeling at the Ko Olina Beach. During the winter, you can go surfing at the Leeward Coast. Big waves can be seen at the Makaha Beach and Yokohama Beach.


While at the Leeward Coast, you can visit the Kaena Point State Park. Kaena Point State Park is located in a remote coastline. The beach at Kaena Point has many humpback whales and Hawaiian monk seals. The site is great for people who want to go for picnic. You can also go fishing at the sea. You can carry out recreational activities at Keawula Bay such as board surfing, body surfing, and swimming. It is recommended that you visit the beach during the summer. The beach has lifeguard so it is safe for swimming. Along the coast, there is a hiking trail that has a length of 2.7 miles. At the beginning, it is easy to travel on the trail. After you proceed further, you will find that it becomes difficult to travel on the trail. The barrier in the trail is caused by natural erosion.  While hiking on the trail, you can view the volcanic coast. You can also view the Makua Coastline from the hiking trail. Some of the facilities that can be found at the beach include dustbins, restroom and public telephone.


Tourists can pay a visit to the Hawaii Plantation Village. The Hawaii Plantation Village is located in Waipahu. The village is an outdoor museum where tourists can learn about the history of the sugar plantation development in Hawaii. There are many replicas of buildings and sugar plantation structures on the site. More than 350,000 people immigrated to Hawaii so that they can earn a living a the sugar plantation. The immigrants are from the East such as China, Portugal, and etc. You can find out what type of houses the immigrants occupy while working at the sugar plantation field.


Besides, you ca visits the Walanae mountain. There are many plantations at the Walanae mountains. The tallest peak at the Walanae mountain is the Mount Kaala, which are about 4,017 above the sea level. The mountains have existed for more than 3 million years.