When we say Hawaii, we can think of every tourist's paradise. Hawaii it's a place where you can't get bored. When it comes to food Hawaii can enchant you with special, local dishes. They have a cuisine that is similar to other countries cuisine. But in the same time it has a personal taste of its own.

Hawaii knows how to pamper the tourists, with many restaurants and fast food's. There is a large variety of places where you can eat. Hawaiian try to fulfill every tourists taste therefore they have local cuisine and various other cuisines. Once arrived in Hawaii, ask residents where you can find the best places to eat. Don't be surprised when they are going to send you to a plate lungh place.

You should choose over national or international brands in favor of the local restaurants. Don't be afraid to taste new local flavors. The most attended local restaurant in Hawaii is Zippy's. It certainly is one of the most famous places where you can eat in Hawaii a chain of restaurants that you can find all over Hawaii. It has many locations, it has a fast food counter and also many other sections like Napoleon's Bakery if you want something sweet, Kahala Sushi and Osaka Okazuya.

Studying the restaurant menus you will find common dishes from the Hawaiian culture, like pork dishes, fish dish as, tropical fruits and many famous desserts made from coconut. In Hawaii you can certainly find a place to eat. Whether you look for a restaurant or a fast food you will find the perfect one for your taste and pocket.