There are many reasons to make the move to Hawaii. One good reason is that the temperatures there are ideal because it is never too hot or too cold. It never gets colder than what is needed to have you see your breath when you blow air out nor is it over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. There are also the fresh air that is constantly blowing across the islands called trade winds that help to get rid of whatever pollution that might come from the vehicles there.

And if those reasons are not enough how about being surrounded by the beautiful deep blue ocean where the color is unlike any seen anywhere else with what seems to be in constant movement, On the weekends and after work you will always be able to find something to do. There are so many places to go shopping plus things to do for family time like taking walks along the beach watching the sun rise or set, going on picnics, swimming, visiting the various attractions there like the volcanoes or Pearl Harbor.

Living in Hawaii there are so many water sports to hold your attention. You can go sailing, snorkeling, diving, parasurfing or parasailing, windsurfing, and so many other water sports plus you can just relax on the beach taking in the sites and the sun.

When you get bored with the beach life you can go hiking on one of the twelve mountain ridge hikes that you can find on Oahu alone with peaks over four thousand feet high. If you really want to take a hike you can go to Maui and climb over ten thousand feet up the Haleakala volcano. Hawaii is such a diverse state with so many things to try, see, and do, including the different types of food, the people, the cultures, the whole way of life and the whole atmosphere of Hawaii.

If you have ten thousand dollars and some type of working skills you can move to Hawaii immediately because the unemployment rate there is low and there are always some type of jobs to be found. One of the reasons that jobs are so plentiful is that there is a lot of tourism in which you can find a job working in sales, work in the hotel industry, answer the phones, and more. If you really have the knack of selling, there are always a job selling time shares and condominiums.

You can even find jobs in healthcare and construction. As you can see, there are many reasons to make the move to Hawaii or one of the other outlying islands.