Kapolei is located in Honolulu County on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii.  It is known as the “second city” because it is second in size to Honolulu; however, it is not technically a city because it is not a legal municipal corporation. 

The name Kapolei means “beloved Kapo”.  Kapo is believed to have been the sister of Pele, who was the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes.  Pele is popular in much of Hawaiian mythology, and Kapo is one of her thirteen sisters.

The current Kapolei sits on the former sugarcane and pineapple plantation fields.  The majority of the land is the estate of industrialist James Campbell, who was one of the largest and wealthiest landowners in Hawaii.  His subsidiary company Kapolei Property Development is the areas major developer.

Living in Kapolei

Kapolei Homes construction began in the area in the 1980s and the commercial building came soon after.  The current population is around 90,000, and it has grown at an average rate of 38 percent in the last decade. 

The area consists of younger people, with the median age being 31.  Many of these families have young school age children, but there are limited schools in Kapolei. Many of these children now have to go to other areas to attend a pre-school.  There are plans to develop certain areas into new elementary high schools.

Other parts of Kapolei are growing.  There are currently 28,000 jobs in the area with the potential for more to come.  There has been increasing discussions on moving jobs to the western side of the island to decrease the constant need of fighting traffic for many individuals.  Right now 22 percent of residents also work in Kapolei.


Kapolei is home to a few golf courses such as the Ko Olina Golf Club and Kapolei Golf Course.  Wet n Wild Hawaii is also located in Kapolei; so, for those that love to have some fun or a place to take their kids, it is a great place to go.  Astro Tours, a home built observatory, is something any star gazer would need to check out. 

The Leeward Coast is always a great place to go and enjoy the beautiful sites.  A free and fun day can be spent at the Ko Olina Lagoons.  Residents are also close to other beaches such as Oneula Beach in Honolulu and Ewa Beach.

Choosing Kapolei

Kapolei is a growing environment.  It has already begun to establish itself as a great residency, but now the people want to develop it as a real city.  There are businesses that have already been established, but this area is open to more people moving in businesses.  Kapolei is called the “second city” for a reason.  It is already booming to be like Honolulu.  In a few more years, it could well catch up.  Anyone looking to call Kapolei home should like a well-developed residency area with the hopes of a larger urban area becoming established.