Out of all of the places in the world Hawaii has always been the preferred romantic vacation for a couple. The perfect backdrop for any romantic vacation in Hawaii will be Lanikai Beach in Oahu. The beach is one of the most beautiful golden sand beaches in Hawaii. The sunsets are gorgeous, the mountains are majestic, and the beaches are considered one of the best beaches for swimming in Hawaii. There are plenty of kayaking opportunities that will take a couple on a romantic ride to several secluded islands for a picnic. Lanikai Beach is home to two twin islands called The Motes. Their true names are Mokumanu and Mokulua. The islands are a bird sanctuary for endangered birds which are protected by a large coral reef. Mokulua is the place to have a romantic picnic. People are unable to inhabit Mokumanu due to the disturbance of the bird species. 


When vacationers visit Lanikai Beach they will have no reason to go anywhere else. They will have plenty of vacation resorts, cottages, condominiums, and apartments to stay in. The amenities offered in the beach resorts will be just as memorable as the beach itself. Most resort hotels have restaurants inside the hotel, tennis, golf, swimming pools, spas, saunas, barbecue grills, and fitness centers. Staying at a beach resort where people will be inches from the beach will give them great views from their verandas in their hotel rooms. Couples who have a romantic dinner on their private veranda's will notice how crystal clear the water is on the beach. This is why Lanikai Beach is considered one of the most pristine and fascinating beaches in Hawaii. 


Couples who are vacationing at Lanikai Beach will not want to miss visiting Kailua. Kailua has many shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment, museums, festivals, hotels, condominiums, vacation homes, and resort hotels. 


Lanikai Beach is more known for windsurfing than it is for regular surfing. The location of the beach and the mountains allow for some great winds for windsurfing. Whale watching and snorkeling are also great past times for this beach. 


For couples who want to have a great romantic vacation at Lanikai Beach will want to book their vacation during their off season months, so that they do not have to deal with so many tourists. They can have a lot more privacy and fun when there are fewer people on the beach. Couples can explore the islands without all of the hustle and bustle that they would experience during the summer and holidays. People can also book their weddings and honeymoons at Lanikai Beach. The beach resorts would be one of the perfect backdrops for a wedding.