Somewhere on the west side part of Hawaii lie Waipahu, one of today’s busy communities that offer commercial convenience to residents and tourists. Two decades ago, Waipahu used to be a quiet community but real estate developers saw the potential that it had to offer so many went ahead to develop this part of Oahu and turned it into one of Hawaii’s busting communities today.

Today, it is home to a wide range of recreational activities, with golf being one of the most popular. Shopaholics and foodies are also sure to enjoy from a range of shopping malls, boutiques and restaurants located at Waikele, which is a mere 10-minute drive from Waipahu. Such convenience has turned Waikele into a family-friendly community. Now, it’s so easy to take the family to dinner, go to the mall or to the beach. The unique balance of nature and commercial convenience is what consistently drives a lot of people to come to this part of Oahu. Another biggest advantage of living in Waipahu is that it’s only a few minutes away to the H1 exit, gateway to beautiful beaches in the Western part of Oahu and to Hawaii’s capital paradise, Honolulu.

Because of what Waipahu has to offer, real estate investors have flocked into this area to invest in properties. They believe in the potential that this part of Oahu has to offer. And with the consistent spike in tourism rate, we know that more and more people will be interested to invest in Waipahu real estate.

Today, the average sale price in Waipahu homes falls at around $418,500 – it’s a .5% decrease from last year’s median price and a whopping savings of $2,092. Imagine the huge savings that you can make if you buy a property today? And if budget is a problem, worry no more! There’s a property that’s sure to fit every budget. For instance, those who wish to keep their investment at a minimum can always pick smaller properties like condominiums or single-family homes. These properties may be small but they are ideal for young families and tourists who are simply looking for place in Waipahu that they could call they home. On the other hand, investors who are willing to shell out a little more cash can always delight in a wide range of townhouses, commercial lots, luxury homes, and the like.

See? There’s a wide range of real estate properties for you to choose from. So why wait? Invest in Waipahu real estate today!